Charlie Buttons


Who we are

Charlie Buttons is a home-grown, community-loving, eco-friendly business operating in the heart of the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. Finding wild amounts of joy and satisfaction in this creative outlet, business owner Shiralee loves creating unique items to celebrate beauty, compliment personality and make you feel a million bucks.


Using new and recycled fabrics, Shiralee designs and creates an ever-growing, ever-changing array of gorgeous jewellery and accessories ranging from earthy and casual, bright and funky, elegant and sexy, to just about anything you could dream up in her special custom orders.


Every piece has a story; from the careful curating of beautiful materials searched out in op-shops, bought from local businesses and handed on from customers and friends, to the loving process of sitting down with a cup of tea to revel in the creative process (in between wrangling energetic offspring), to finally sending off orders to happy customers.


Knowing first-hand the importance of the every-day mum being able to treat herself once in a while, Shiralee is passionate about keeping prices affordable. Our Button Earrings are a firm favourite and come in an endless variety of textures, colours and patterns. Customers love being able to choose a different pair every day to go with their outfit and express their unique personality and style.


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