About Us

Discover more about who we are.

What is Mamalaide?

A Women's platform shaped for South Australia. Showcasing a collective of support services, providers and homegrown retailers. Filled with content rich features and community giveaways!

Do you have a team?

Mamalaide has been kickstarted by a small team of South Australian visionaries who have drawn upon their own trivial experiences into parenthood. Unpacking 15+ years of service based business experience, the team are keen to shape Mamalaide into one of SA's highly attractive go-to service based brands and gather more support anchors as we go. 

Is the site still under development?

Our 'soft launch' is currently rolling out for founding members and associates by invitation only. We are committed to brand development and updated versions of the site. Once all primary categories are filled we will open to our public communities.   

How do I become a supplier?

Simply click on 'become a supplier'. When you sign up you will have access to your own 'storefront' you can add your own images and summary of services or products. Once payment is made your storefront will be visible. *Founding Member discount available.

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Please send through an enquiry to our team and use 'BA' within the subject title. We would love to journey together sharing experiences and positvie influence.

Can you tell me more about Giveaways?

Our members will have the opportunity to enter into a lottery style giveaway launching soon. Our initial launch will see prizes up to a total of $5000. Giveaways are selected from Mamalaide suppliers only. 

What makes you different to other platforms or groups?

Developed here in South Australia we will be extremely relatable with new parents and caregivers. Aiming to be an "Innovative brand" which introduces and significantly improves customer methodologies. Continuously updating our website with articles and giveaways, designed to be extremely user friendly.

How do I contact a team member?

Simply direct your enquiry (subject title) to hello@mamalaide.com or follow us on Instagram @mamalaide.sa