Keeping fit during Pregnancy

Look out for the exercises to avoid during pregnancy and ideal exercises recommended by specialists. Exercising and maintaining...

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Adjusting to Fatherhood

For most this is an overwhelming season of life, just like our mamas, papas can become extremely stressed. Look out for the...

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Nourishing Self-Care

It’s important to look after ourselves and those close to us, we all have our own love language that needs to be communicated....

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Take better photos on your phone

If I was to scroll through your Camera Roll, what would I see? When I became a mum, I felt I had to capture everything… every...

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Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics

@gemmavendetta Gemma Vendetta began after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. MS as it's affectionately known is a...

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Dr. Tiffany De Sousa Machado

@village_foundation Tiffany is a mother with 23 years experience in sales, marketing, and executive training. As a workshop...

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